Nikola Kolev

Nikola works with a variety of materials, creating sturdy bronze bulls and horses, mythical creatures, but also elegant, soft, and feminine figures. His masterful works articulate freedom, spiritual strength, and majestic naturalism. He aims to summon the observer’s true calling in its primal roots and awaken their untapped power and boldness upon that.

Throughout his career path, he has exhibited in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, the UK, and many more. He participated in the World Exhibition of Arts in Cannes, France in 2015 and was awarded 2nd prize for sculpture. The same year, Nikola won the 1st prize during the International Exhibition of the Danube-Ibs Studio in Austria. In the last couple of years, he had numerous individual exhibitions with the latest – “Parallel Worlds”, being in the regional History Museum in Sofia, Bulgaria.

In my world, inspiration often comes from simple and even ordinary things in places I least expect it. And I can create in many different settings but I feel the most at home in my atelier.

“Within every block of wood, metal or stone hides a spirit, waiting to be released. My job is to free the spirit – the one inside the material, as well as my own.”


I am from Bulgaria - my physical birthplace is the small town of Gabrovo but Sofia formed me as an artist. Now I live and make art in Sofia.

Being an artist defines who I am, this is my whole life and I can’t imagine being someone else. Ever since I was a child, I love the colors carrying a wonderful charm, bright and childish. For me, this is the purest sense of beauty. To this day, I think of myself as an observer and relentless explorer. I am interested in what has been created and is being created. In my opinion, If an artist can master well their craft, the door to art is wide open. Without knowing the ABC of the craft, there is no way to write the words of a poem and put meaning into them. To turn them into magic. Magic that is able to touch others.

I work with non-ferrous metals like bronze and brass. They offer a whole world of possibilities – the limit is only in my imagination. There is nothing impossible. Moreover, there is something noble in these materials that radiates and makes them desirable. Both for the creator and for the admirer. I feel like this connects me with my audience and perhaps the way I share my artistic “invisible worlds” speaks to them in some special way. Or at least I hope so…


The Atelier

There is something noble in the materials I like to work with that radiates and makes them desirable.

Photo by Todor Todorov
Photo by Todor Todorov
Photo by Todor Todorov

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