Oksana Stratiychuk

Oksana Stratiychuck is an award-winning artist and printmaker from Kyiv, Ukraine. She specialises in etching, lithography, and mokulito. Her artworks have been exhibited in collections all over Ukraine, as well as in Bulgaria, Japan, Latvia, Italy, and Poland. Oksana has earned several scholarships and residencies across Europe and has been a member of The National Artists’ Union of Ukraine since 1992.

Her favorite technique is etching. She shared with us that after all these years, it seems to her that she knows everything about it, but then she keeps rediscovering it with every new artwork. Oksana also works with hot enamel, lithography, and mokulito. Each material substantially affects the idea and even it can change it completely. Watch the video and learn more about her process and her astounding works.

Sometimes, the artist doesn’t even know what message they are sending to the viewer, and this is a very subtle process – the interaction between the work and the viewer. To me, art is freedom of expression, the necessary conditions for which are literacy, conciseness, and the beauty of this expression.

“I get inspired by good art, travelling, and life itself.”


I was born in Kiyv, Ukraine, and this is where I live. I graduated from a high school specializing in arts and also received my higher education in arts in Kiyv. The city has shaped me as an artistic personality.

I created my first serious work during my sophomore year at the university. I started participating in exhibitions and felt like an independent creative personality. It was then that I understood that I could express myself in the way I wanted and talk about the things that interested me.

I had wonderful teachers who have definitely influenced me to a great extent. I liked different artists in different periods, so it’s hard to name just one. I like it when the viewers give their own interpretation of what they see.

We live in turbulent times, where the world is changing unpredictably fast, but my audience is only growing. I think this is because a person seeks peace and harmony in such times.


It is hard for me to imagine a perfect world, just as it is hard to imagine light without darkness. However, I envision a place of freedom where you can communicate freely, travel, and exchange thoughts, knowledge, and experience.

The Atelier

I like the peace of my studio. I get inspired by good art, travelling, and life itself. ​​I’ve always wanted to draw and knew I would be a fine artist since I was a child.

Photo by Radoslav Samardzhiev
Photo by Radoslav Samardzhiev

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