Deyan Yanev

Deyan Yanev is a renowned artist who lives and works in Sofia. He completed his higher artistic education in Sofia, Vienna, and Paris. A winner of several awards in painting, Deyan has 19 solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, Germany, and France, as well as many participations in group exhibitions and international projects. 

Deyan works mainly with classic materials, oils, acrylics, pencil lead, canvas, paper, etc, sometimes combining painting with various multimedia. The topics that interest him as an artist are mostly societal – the human fears, longings, illusions, and fallacies in the present age. Using metaphorical artistic language and the play of visual metamorphoses, Deyan creates a new, artificial, reality that has its system, order, and rules to stimulate the imagination of the viewer.

Deyan was strongly influenced by the works of great artists – whether he saw them in albums or museums. He talks about getting a rush of adrenaline and a sense of great respect whenever he observes a masterpiece and describes his thought process as the most powerful creative activity.

Society is a series of works that describes 20 occupations, which Deyan has stored in different personal “files” and personal lockers. The lockers are a sacred and inviolable territory which keeps and hides our identities. This intimate space contains the skills and qualities of each profession as values these people identify with. The artist tried to choose these 20 occupations from the different industries comprising our modern society.

“My goal is to motivate the creative thinking and inspiration of the viewer, thus opening the work to new interpretations and unlocking sacred emotions in their conscious and unconscious essence. That’s how a person can find out more about themselves and others.”


Born in 1984, Deyan started working at a young age and hasn’t stopped to this day. The son of painters, he went to exhibitions and art museums as a child, which led to his choice for a career and shaped him as an artist.
Deyan Yanev received an MA in Painting from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia and continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna (Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien). He is a resident artist at Cité internationale des arts in Paris.


  • 2012 – Specialisation in Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris
  • 2009 – Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists
  • 2008 – MA in Painting, National Academy of Arts at Sofia
  • 2006 – BA in Painting, National Academy of Arts in Sofia
  • Specialization in ERASMUS at Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

Solo exhibitions:

  • 2019 – 10 Weapons Drawings. Geshov Gallery. Sofia
  • 2018 – SUPER STARS.Sofia History Museum. Sofia
  • 2018 – Society. Clowns & Pferde Gallery. Essen, Germany
  • 2017 – Society. Rakursi Art Gallery, Sofia
  • 2017 – Holly 10 Drawings. Arosita Gallery. Sofia
  • 2016 – Mirrors. National Autumn Exhibitions. Plovdiv
  • 2016 – Fortune & Glory. Clowns & Pferde Gallery. Essen, Germany
  • 2015 – DEYANS WELTBILD. Alte Mitte Gallery. Essen, Germany
  • 2015 – Drawings. Arosita Gallery. Sofia
  • 2014 – CONTEMPO 2014. Tereza Art Gallery. Varna
  • 2013 – Deyan in Antrakt. Antrakt Club. Sofia
  • 2013 – Deyan in Paris. Arte Gallery. Sofia
  • 2012 – Open Studio. Cite Internationale des Arts. Paris
  • 2012 – Arte Gallery. Sofia
  • 2010 – Arte Gallery. Sofia
  • 2010 – Renaissance Gallery, Plovdiv
  • 2009 – Three-In-One Exhibition.1908 Gallery. Sofia
  • 2008 – National Autumn Exhibitions Plovdiv. House of Mexican Art. Plovdiv
  • 2008 – The Worlds. Sofia Press Gallery, Sofia

Participation in exhibitions:

  • 2017 – Fragmented Stories. Gallery Verein Berliner Kunstler, Berlin
  • 2016 – European Cuteness Art. Palace of Parliament, Bucharest/ Sofia Arsenal-MCA
  • 2016 –Untaggable Exhibition. Audi & Advertising Artists, National Academy of Art. Sofia
  • 2015 – Images and Likeness. National Art Gallery Sofia
  • 2014 – 2014 – 1 KO_OP (Wien- Sofia) OPTICAL CONFUSION. Basement Gallery. Vienna
  • 2013 – Third International Symposium Dalbok Dol. Bulgaria
  • 2013 – Sixth International Spring Salons of Culture. Grand Hotel Pomorie. Bulgaria
  • 2012 – National Awards Allianz Bulgaria – nominated
  • 2011 – Art in Embassy. United States Embassy. Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2011 – Contempo 4. Varna
  • 2011 – Annual Awards Competition of the UBA For Creative Specialization in Cite International Des Art, Paris – won third place
  • 2010 – Exhibition for Membership UBA (Union of Bulgarian Artists)- Painting
  • 2010 – Border situation: – The drawing in contemporary art in Contemporary Art Platform. Sofia
  • 2009 – Workshop on Darik Radio in Neville Art Gallery, Varna
  • 2009 – International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art (MBHSI), Gabrovo, winner of Humour of the Peoples
  • 2008 – Exhibition-Competition Shortlist 2008, Gaudenz B. Ruf Award. Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia
  • 2008 – 100 years Bulgarian National Radio. Bulgarian National Radio. Sofia
  • 2008 – Selected works of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. Shipka 6 Gallery.Sofia
  • 2008 – There Is No Such Place. The Red House. Sofia
  • 2007 – 25 Years SS Cyril and Methodius Foundation. National Gallery for Foreign Art. Sofia.
  • 2006 – Project 10 x 5 x 3. Gallery of the Union of Bulgarian Artists.Shipka 6. Sofia
  • 2006 – Exhibition of Young Artists Competition, organized by the SS Cyril and Methodius Foundation Shipka 6 Gallery, Winner of the Prize for Painting
  • 2005 – Generations. Rayko Alexiev Gallery. Sofia
  • 2005 – Project Bitch. Rayko Alexiev Gallery. Sofia

In a world without time or spacial limits, his dream project can’t really be defined. He considers imagination to be the most valuable characteristic not just of an artist but also of humanity as a whole. Human possibility to dream and create imaginary worlds destroys the limits of thought.


Each image in his art contains a symbol, as long as the viewer can find it. The discovery has its reverse side – the subconscious. The viewer may not see the symbol, but they feel it. That’s how the artist stimulates the creative thinking and imagination of the viewer, opening up their mind to new interpretations and unlocking sacred emotions in both their conscious and unconscious nature.

The Atelier

Deyan can find inspiration anywhere and at any time, but he seeks ideas in the essential human activities and events of our time. He’s interested in the fears and longings of a person. In his works, Deyan uses metaphorical artistic language realised through the play of visual metamorphoses, hybrid painting, and fiction to find new meanings and messages to convey as a powerful psychological tool to influence the audience. Other than classic materials such as oils, acrylics, pencil leads, canvases, and paper, the artist likes to experiment with mixing painting and various multimedia, creating a hybrid painting. 

Open Call, atelier, fortelier
Photo by Dimitar Dimitrov
Photo by Dimitar Dimitrov
Photo by Dimitar Dimitrov

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