Rosen Donchev

Rosen Donchev is a Bulgarian painter who started his career in iconography. Today he is an honorable member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, chairman of SBH Kazanlak “Ivan Milev”, and a master icon painter in the National Chamber of Crafts in Bulgaria.

Rosen is a true keeper of the Balkan arts. He participated in numerous art projects in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey. Some of his more recent ventures are the project “The secret language of Bulgarian needlework”, participation in the IV Balkan quadrennial of painting “Myths and Legends of My People”, and participation in the projects of the Kazanlak Theater as a scenographer and costume curator. 

Some of his more notable contributions to the art scene are his many international exhibitions and competitions in Italy in 2018, a nomination for participation in the World Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence (2017), and his participation in the international project “Bulgarian design with Italian inspiration” in 2015.

“I can't be anyone else! There is so much to share. Art is a dialogue.”


I am from Bulgaria. I was born in Gabrovo, and now I live and work in Kazanlak. Two little towns “hugged” by the Balkan mountains with lots of sun, forests, and wildlife around.

I have always been absolutely honest in my work. I have painted about things that move me - make me laugh or cry. I can paint anywhere, but I love working in my studio the most. I find inspiration all around me, even in materials that I am not familiar with. I like to experiment a lot. Creativity is an endless game.

Even as a child, the smell of paints made me happy... But I realized that this was my vocation much later. For quite some time it's more of a feeling. A need for the act of creativity. The impossibility to be alive any other way. And this is happiness for me.

There are things I can't draw. Then I write. Or the other way around.

For me, personally, the arts flow into each other. And I deeply believe that the artistic expressions of the future will be born on the borders of the current arts. In symbiosis and harmony or in dissonance. It doesn't matter.

Art is the only way to overcome the fear of death.

I don’t know if what I do is true art. I just express myself and my views and beliefs. I love to work with different kinds of materials. I like to mix them up and experiment with collages, natural pigments, and binders. With oil paints, vinyl, and acrylic techniques. I love the journey from the inspirational moment to the abstract painting. I dream that this world will be a better place for all! People will be more noble and honorable. There will be more love. More art. And the politicians of the future will be warriors of art.


The messages I like to portray in my work usually do not reflect reality. They create it.

The Atelier

Art is a game. But also mastery of means of expression and shapes. And sometimes I don’t seek to attach deep philosophical meanings to my art. I just aspire to create emotion, a specific feeling.

Photo by Dorothea Komitska
Photo by Boris Katzunov
Photo by Boris Katzunov
Photo by Dorothea Komitska

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