Explore the hidden gems
in the world of art

We started Fortelier motivated to discover, showcase, and empower emerging
and established artists, and bridge the gap between artists and admirers.

Dedication to Art

It all started with our pure love and appreciation of art in all of its forms. We were inspired to create a supporting and nurturing environment for artists to grow their forte, so their unique talent and distinctive individuality could shine through. 

Being part of the art community and listening to artists’ struggles, we realised we have the expertise and motivation to help them. Thus, our goal is simple — we want to facilitate artists with the business aspect of showcasing, marketing, and selling their artwork by creating a seamless buying experience.

Guidance and Support

We believe that by guiding artists through the complex process of connecting their art to art lovers and offloading them from tasks outside their expertise, we can reach the perfect balance between building a solid reputation and preserving their artistic flexibility and freedom.

We Love to Connect
Creators & Admirers​

Let’s face it. There is an unspoken (but very real) distance between artists and art lovers, collectors, and future collectors.

Many people lack understanding and thus feel uncomfortable or disconnected from the artistic world. They find it difficult to immerse themselves in its magic.
We want to break that pattern.

Krasimir KrasimirovKrasimir Krasimirov
13:31 13 Apr 23
I am satisfied with my cooperation with Fortelier and the communication with the whole team from the moment of ordering to the moment of receiving the work I ordered.
Young, creative, kind and resourceful, a pleasure to work with you!
Rashev and PartnersRashev and Partners
10:21 10 Apr 23
We are satisfied with our experience with Fortelier. We received the artwork carefully packaged and with a Certificate of authenticity. We are grateful to the team at Fortellier, who were by our side throughout the process - from ordering to receiving the work. We will definitely use the best art platform again!
12:50 07 Apr 23
More than happy with my new acquisition.The purchase of works of art on the Internet takes on real meaning with Fortelier.Beyond a very nice selection, I particularly appreciated all the attention and the ecosystem developed by Fortelier around the development and support of emerging artists.Finally an 'artist centered' platform!
Marc ZouariMarc Zouari
08:34 06 Apr 23
My experience with Fortelier has been exceptional, from the strikingly original artwork to the dedicated team providing top-notch service. I wholeheartedly recommend this art platform for anyone seeking inspiring and unique pieces.


Our curators work tirelessly to deliver an exceptional, expertly curated selection of unique artwork and diverse talents that can meaningfully contribute to the art scene.

Art Lovers

Our experts are dedicated to bridge the gap by immersing art lovers into the artists’ worlds through personal stories, details of their creation processes, and virtual atelier tours.

Exploration and Selection

Our devoted team, along with an expert crew of independent curators, artists, and academics in the field carefully examine, filter, and select each and every one of our artists.

From Acquaintances to Friends

Before we make a decision, our art professionals pay a visit to the artist at their atelier for an extensive personal conversation and еxpert evaluation.

Building Foundation: Care and Trust

We actively prioritize personal communication and work hard to foster a supportive environment where a dedicated member of our team keeps the conversation going and ensures that every artist can thrive.

We take great pride in knowing our artists, their beliefs, values, and needs like no one else does.

And we are so excited to tell you all about their magical worlds!

Our Values

We value doing the right thing for our artists and client. And what we do derives from what we deeply believe in.


We believe acknowledging and taking in the beauty that comes from art, truly makes us connected and at peace.


We act as a backbone, a support system for our artists and collectors. Always there to lend a helping hand and build their confidence, image and future.


Our dedication towards art urges us to seek fairness towards artists and art lovers . Our words and actions align with our beliefs.


We have a rich skillset, a strong dedication and infallible diligence towards the art trade. We stand accountable for our actions.

We Believe Every Artist Can be a Rising Star!

Alongside established artists, our team is searching high and low for exceptional up-and-coming talents who may be far from the digital world, but who merit a place in the artistic scene. That’s where we come in.

Fortelier is a catalyst for artists — a place providing care, exposure, and an opportunity for growth and empowerment. We provide free, personalized assistance and tailored services to creators, allowing them to focus on their creative process.

What Exactly Do We Do For the Artists?

Documenting & Showcasing

Documenting and showcasing the artists’
creative process and work.

Business & Legal Aspects

Taking care of all business and legal
aspects of the process.

Full Support

Support with packaging, shipping,
and client communication.

Various Pricing Plans

Fair financial conditions with various
pricing plans and no upfront fees.

If you dream about joining the Fortelier Family, apply for our current open-call program now.