Nikolay Dochev is a Bulgarian jeweller with more than 25 years of experience. He moulds silver into exciting, exquisite shapes and entangles symbolism and historical heritage. Sometimes he likes to add just a flair of bright colour to make the piece remarkably vibrant and alluring. Nikolay’s skillfulness is immense – as people who know him often say “in his hands quality meets perfection”.

Jewellery can spark a luxurious moment into our everyday life but also some of his extraordinary pieces can be a great match for a special and memorable occasion.

Pure silver is quite soft and difficult to shape properly, which makes it difficult to use and make durable. However, throughout the years I have mastered the craft of handmade jewellery making to achieve precision in every detail. Each of my creations is unique and made with my whole heart, a lot of perseverance, and absolute dedication.

"A thing of beauty, especially if it is one of a kind, is dear to the heart… It will be passed down from generation to generation as a family treasure."


I was born and still live in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

My city has emerged as an international handicraft center. Artistic crafts and applied arts are specific to the region. Local authors have established the creative potential of this magical place, and to this day, there are many artists who are recognised and appreciated in Europe and in some parts of the world.

Ever since I was a child, I have loved both drawing and experimenting with applied arts, such as to work with metal. Back in the days I used to learn the craft from the Armenian master jewellers in Plovdiv. I worked in an atelier in the Ethnographic Complex “Etara” for years, where I had the good fortune to communicate directly with artists from dozens of countries from all over the world. Over time, I realised that making jewellery from silver and gold is my true calling. Today, as I forge my new projects I do not impose any stylistic and creative restrictions on myself. The only criteria I apply for the art I make is express pure aesthetics and to portray clear form. But overall, for me it is important to create beautiful and emotion-evoking artistic jewellery pieces that can make someone’s day a little more special.

In my works I like to use silver or other precious metals in combination with gems, and ceramics. I believe every author has their creative secrets, their unique character woven into their work, and a special role to preserve and showcase their individuality and originality. However, I am always glad to collaborate and share with colleagues work techniques, models, and implementation ideas.

The Atelier

My studio is my creative environment and this is where I find inspiration most often. It gives me peace of mind and a nice, calm feeling of comfort. What motivates me to be an artist can be interpreted as what motivates an athlete to be an athlete – it is to prove my skills and qualities.

Photo by Dorothea Komitska
Photo by Dorothea Komitska

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