Angelina Tsvetkova

Angelina Tsvetkova is a Bulgaria-based artist working entirely with silver. She creates her jewellery in small collections, each with a corresponding name that hints at the direction her inspiration has taken her. She loves metal fretwork, featuring a delicate texture and diamond glow, creating a parallel between softness and roughness, refinement and volume.

The jewellery presented on the site is part of two collections: Nocturne in 925 and Flight. They are both an attempt at recreating the delicate and ethereal appearance of lace in the form of a solid material like metal.

Angelina got her high school and bachelor’s degree in her hometown – Sofia, Bulgaria. First at the School of Applied Arts (Artistic Metal Processing major) and then at the National Academy of Arts (with a major in Metal). In 2000, the same year she got her Bachelor’s degree, Angelina became a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and in the following years participated in some individual and group exhibitions in Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and more.

Angelina works exclusively with silver – it is the material she feels closest to. She knows it well and feels confident working with it. It is soft, light, and snowy white but also susceptible to various patinas, which allows her to paint it in different graphic shades. Watch the video and have a closer look at her work process, atelier vibe and get to know her style and personality better.

Nocturne in 925 is Angelina’s romantic night journey, immersed in the music of Chopin. Delicacy, grace, and beauty – all recreated in metal. See the whole collection of her mismerising jewellry works listed in her portfolio.

“Sometimes, I feel like time has stopped, and sometimes, it feels like it never does. Time is not constant, and neither are we, but that's a good thing, I suppose, as it opens doors for new opportunities for us as creators and the audience as observers.”


Having spent most of her life in Sofia, her hometown, Angelina reckons that growing up, studying, and living in the same city has inevitably influenced her. She had no choice but to follow the other local artists and the regional development of her craft and art in general. Naturally, she would keep up with the trends but also think of what else could be made and expressed.

Having graduated from Art School and the Academy of Arts, the creative process for her began gradually long ago and has been a constant process since she started her education. She cannot say that something unlocked it. She believes her graduation project is her first serious in-depth work that has proved to stand the test of time. It represents four constellations made of silver balls and glass rods that can be assembled like a Lego set.

- 1995-2000 Majoring in Metal, National Academy of Arts, Sofia
- 1989-1994 Artistic metal processing, Secondary School of Applied Arts, Sofia

Professional experience:
- 2000 Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, Sofia

Individual exhibitions:
- 2016 "Angel" - SABAY - Sofia
- 2010 "Nocturne in 925", Testa Gallery, Sofia
- 2001 "Contrast" Testa Gallery, Sofia
- 2000 Jewelry and medals, Bulgarian Cultural Institute Berlin, Germany;

Group exhibitions:
- 2017 Munich Jewellery Week- 2017, "Ice Cream Crush”
- 2015 "Gioielli in Fermento" 2015 Italy
- 2015 "Inspiration" Sofia "Sredets" Gallery
- 2013 "Extasi" Sofia Gallery of Modern Art
- 2012 "The Ring", Sofia "Testa Gallery"
- 2011 "Winter Roses", Den Haag Galerie Guthschmidt
- 2011 "Porcelain Jewelry" Testa Gallery, Sofia
- 2011 Sofia Design Week. "Get Emotional" jewellery exhibition
- 2010 Celebrate spring 2010, Sofie Lachaert Gallery, Tielrode-Belgium
- 2010 "Object", Rotterdam, Netherlands

It seems that the development of contemporary design has had the most significant influence on her. When creating for many years, it is essential to occasionally step back and look at yourself from the side, compare your perspective with those of many other contemporary authors, create your criteria, and understand in which direction to continue.


Our words are our creations; we speak through them, but people can interpret our messages differently, each of them in their way. There is something else that remains hidden, but it is stronger than the message itself, and that is the energy that is being carried within those creations.

The Atelier

I adore working in my ateliers; I have two – one in Sofia and the other in my summer house by the sea. When I am alone and focused, my thoughts are entirely devoted to artistic pursuits, especially when I am in spiritual harmony with myself. The creative process for me is a very special moment, a moment in which I feel as if I am reading my entire being and my soul becomes lighter.

Photo by Dorothea Komitska
Photo by Dorothea Komitska

Angelina finds inspiration in various spheres of art, music, poetry, visual arts, beauty, elegance, and love. The titles of her collections suggest this. Nocturne in 925 is her romantic immersion in Chopin’s music. The name was inspired by an early childhood memory of an old Chopin record and the fact Angelina used sterling silver as a metal of choice. Flight is named after our desire to fly and be; the whirlwind of currents, and the spiral of life.

The Man I Love  was inspired by Gershwin’s music and lyrics. With Angel, she delved into the mystique of the ancient Greek mythological hero Eros, and her latest collection titled The Lake of Deep Sighs is an attempt to recreate Monet’s water lilies in three dimensions.

Photo by Dimitar Dimitrov

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